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Tea Party Logo

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The Tea Party message is pretty straight forward - we need a limited, fiscally responsible government. That's it. It's an idea that the people running our government seem to have forgotten.Tea-Party-Twitter

Rattlesnakes and Tea Cups send the wrong message...
The "Uncle Sam's Hat" Tea Party Logo expresses the Tea Party message perfectly. It features Uncle Sam's hat encircled and constrained by a wide belt which represents the will of the American people. It's patriotic, respectible and sends the Tea Party message without images of threatening rattlesnakes or silly tea pots and tea cups.

Download free versions of this logo for your personal or media use with absolutely no strings attached. You can also license the logo for commercial use in your own products for resale. (See column at right for more details.)

An important note on usage
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Help spread the positive message of the Tea Party! Help get the country back on track to fiscal health and a smaller, less intrusive government. Display this Tea Party logo everywhere.

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